December 8, 2009

And in the meantime....

A few things have happened recently.

Bitsy has become horribly independent. I'm considering having her name legally changed to 'Me Do Dat.' She says it much clearer than she says her own name.

#1 Son is getting his new glasses today. I'm hoping this means he'll actually see the things his dad points out to him as we're driving.

It snowed yesterday. Ick. Luckily it was all gone by 1 o'clock. I don't really mind looking at snow (for the first few days anyway). It's the getting out in the snow I despise. Especially driving in it.

My oldest daughter informed me that she wants "a few toys, but mostly clothes" for Christmas. She also told me her favorite color is no longer pink, but orange and she hates the Disney Princesses & Hannah Montana. I feel so jaded.

I've discovered a new way to waste time on the Internet. It's a site of comics about chickens written on post-its. Not all of them are ROFL worthy, but many of them made me chuckle and a few made me laugh out loud.

And if that doesn't do it, a short trip to will. Mostly that makes me shake my head and wonder if half the population of Florida doesn't own a mirror.

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