December 18, 2009

And, we're done!

The last of the Christmas presents were purchased today. Bitsy now has gifts & the stockings shall be well stuffed. The FarmHands may be a bit disappointed as this years haul won't be quite as awe inspiring as last year's, but then I didn't start in October this year...and they are getting clothes this time around.

Personally, I think this year may be easier. The FarmHands have spent very little time at Wal-Mart since school started and not having satellite television means we haven't been bombarded with the "must haves" of the toy world since August. That's meant much less, "Mama, I want..." and "Mama, I need..." and "Mama, I'll die without..." Have to say, that's made a happier Mama.

Now to get it all wrapped.

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