December 6, 2009

Bits in Bullets

  • I am so glad today is the last day of shot gun season.
  • I am so glad I decided to hit the clinic Friday while I was in town or this weekend would have been exceptionally painful.
  • I spent more than 2 hours yesterday morning putting together & decorating our Christmas tree.
  • It took B.B. 30 seconds to knock it down this morning.
  • The Parakeets' cage broke its fall & luckily none of the ornaments met an early demise.
  • The plastic tree base did break, but I had an extra one I grabbed for 75% off back in January.
  • I'm so glad my husband can lift a fully decorated tree with one hand so I can yank out the broken base & slide the new one back in place.
  • #1 Son couldn't see the giant 'E' on the top of the eye chart without his glasses Wednesday.
  • His new glasses should be in Wednesday.
  • I currently have 1 bottle of Baby Soft for BabyGirl, a few DVDs for a group gift for the FarmHands, and a giant coloring book for each of them....and that's it in the way of Christmas presents.
  • I have a wicked bad case of heart burn today but cannot take antacids (even if I had any) because of the antibiotic I'm on.
  • It's really stinking cold outside.

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