November 1, 2009

How much candy can four FarmHands amass?

Five gallons. Yup, you read that right. Five. Gallons. Of. Candy. How do I know that? Because I was trying to stash it all away & the only container in the house large enough to hold all the candy was my five gallon Gott water cooler.

And how did they amass that amount of sugary goodness? Nearly one gallon came home from the school parties. We went to five entire homes last night for trick-or-treat (only grandparents, aunts, and uncles). This morning we had trunk-or-treat after church. For as small a church as we go to, there was quite a haul to bring home afterwards.

That's not even counting the apples, pretzels, cookies, & snack bags they snagged.

It's sugar shock central around here. Zann suggested I bag some of it up & put it in their stockings at Christmas. I thought of a much better plan.

I'm going to start building a small house of gingerbread tomorrow. I'll tuck it away in the woods some where secluded and decorate it with candy. Then I'll move in & wait for unsuspecting children to lumber by after being abandoned in the woods by their parents with only a lousy bag of bread crumbs to keep them fed. When I catch them nibbling at my window panes, I'll lure them in with promises of a hot meal & warm bed....only to hold them captive whilst I fatten them up to.....oh, wait, that will never work.
Never mind.


Kork said...

OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! I never thought of building a house out of it all...hmmmmm...

We decided that we're freezing the best stuff, and the rest we're donating to a group that will box it up and send it through the USO to the troops. There is NO WAY that I'd ever let 5 gallons of candy stick around my house...YIKES!

zann said...

oh dear.. I never thought my suggestion would lead to ... that ;).
Too funny, enjoy the sugar high - think I'll have some myself before little bit gets up from her nap.