October 28, 2009

One giant leap for Bitsy Bee.

Bitsy made her first trip out of the house in big girl panties today. Not Pull-Ups mind you, real, honest-to-goodness underpants. We didn't go far, only to Uncle E's house to visit with Ray-ray & Beffie. On the way, I reminded Bitsy that she was wearing her panties & couldn't pee in them. As soon as Ray-ray opened the door, Bitsy bolted in shouting, "Poop! Me poop!" made a bee line for the bathroom, and did.....nothing.

When Beffie got home from school I told Bitsy to tell her why we were at their house. We'd gone to borrow their Tinkerbell DVD. Bitsy said, "Poop!" Yes, we came over to poop at your house. We do that. Wait until we have to go, then hop in the car, drive to an unsuspecting family member's home, and ask to use the commode.

But, she did use the potty there (without telling anyone she needed to go!! She hollered at me when she was done) and stayed dry the entire time we were gone. Up until now, things have been just too exciting at Ray-ray's house for her to bother paying attention to her bladder. She could make it all the way home from Tennessee dry, but 20 minutes at Uncle E's & her Pull-Up needed changing.

This is a recipe for one happy mama.


Anonymous said...

It's always such a triumph, when little ones start transitioning from pull-ups to underpants. Mommy's job gets just that much easier!

Kork said...

YAHOO!!! That's great! GO BITSY!!!!! High-five and "knuckles" that girl for me!

NOW - what you need to do is still put aside the diaper money, and save it for something totally awesome, like a vacation to Colorado this summer...or college...but Colorado would be more fun! PS - it doesn't snow here in the summertime...and we have a rec center with a water slide into the pool...


Kork said...

Oh! I forgot to mention that we are going on Day 6 in a row of staying dry during the day in the Big Kid Underpants at our house, and that Tiny Princess is now bringing me the toilet paper from the potty seat and telling me "Pee mommy!"...not that anything happens if she sits on the seat, but hey! She's interested right?