November 6, 2009

Family Movie Night Shall Not Be Thwarted.

Unfortunately, my mother only has the plain old regular flu. Pop on over to her blog & read all about it.

BabyGirl is holding up the show tonight. I know being fashionably late is "the thing" in some circles, but it just doesn't work on Family Movie Night. Especially when there's a living room picnic of apple slices, orange sections, grapes, assorted peanut butter toast sticks, and pop corn being planned, and Ice Age 3-Dawn of the Dinosaurs being shown.

She came home with enough homework to keep her busy for an hour, but has lovingly stretched it out as far as possible complete with screaming fits & tantrums & shouts of, "I Don't Get It," "That Doesn't Make Any Sense," and the ever popular, "You Don't Know What You're Talking About," interspersed with brief jaunts into the living room to check out what's going on in the world of Wallace & Gromit....much to the chagrin of her mother & younger siblings.

We're all bathed, jammied, and waiting on her. The natives are getting restless & the bitter aroma of brewing revolt is heavy in the air. Bitsy just gave up & fell asleep on the carpet. Thank goodness I just vacuumed.

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