October 9, 2009

What ever works.

Lilly May (my wire haired fox terrier) is in heat. Again. Just as I've nearly convinced Husband we do not have to breed every female animal we own, and he's on the verge of agreeing to have her spayed. The first time she came in heat, I improvised by taking some old underpants of BabyGirl's, cutting a hole for Lilly's tail, and sticking half a maxi pad in them. Lilly doesn't really like them, but she tolerates them. The Winnie-the-Pooh pants are her favorites. They fit the best. And they're cheaper than doggie diapers.

Bitsy isn't 100% convinced she needs to wear her panties all the time. I was working in the kitchen & chatting with Inkling about how potty training is going when I looked down to see my daughter bouncing around the kitchen wearing exactly what she had on when she entered this world. I asked where her panties were & she just laughed at me.

That's when I pulled the "if ____ can do it, so can you" card. "Lilly May's wearing her panties like a big girl. Why aren't you?"

Laugh if you like, but it works.

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