October 23, 2009

From the mind of BabyGirl

A few weeks back I found a much folded sheet of lined paper that read "To: Father From: Mary." As there is no one in our house named Mary (and this was quite a while before Mary Genevieve was born), my curiosity was piqued. I opened it up & read:

Hi father I am so sory by but I must go if you keep me here I will have misary the rest of my life. So I must go good-by father Love, Mary

Poor Mary. To have to live in "misary" the rest of your life is a horrible fate. I hope she escaped from the turmoil at home. I wonder what was going on....

Her games always have a tragic twist of some kind. Things usually start happily enough, but quickly take a depressing turn. "Hey, boys, wanna' play house? I'll be the big sister, you can be the twin brothers...oh, and our parents are dead. We live with the evil queen & she makes us be her slaves."

Death & destruction reign supreme in her play world. It worries me a bit...but then something magical happens, like the evil queen dies & they become the High Kings & Queens of Narnia & it's all OK in the end.


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Queen Mother said...

She is working on her mind set for her turn at "Our Town"