September 9, 2009

Just a day in my life.

My darling nephew has morphed into Achmed the Dead Terrorist. When his mother tells him to hush, he says, "I keeeel you!" Gotta' love death threats from toddlers. I guess it's the ringer on his great-aunt's cell phone. He heard it once & now says it to anyone willing to prod him.

Yesterday B.B. informed me,"Bad guys don't say 'scuse me when they burp or toot."
I replied, "But we do, because we don't want to be bad guys, right?"
He said, "Right, Mom! 'Cause then we'd just get beat up & kicked all the time by super heroes."

5 minutes ago he asked me to peel him an apple. I picked out a nice one & started peeling. "Does that one have brown spots on it, Mom?"
"I don't think so. Why?"
"Make sure it has brown spots, 'cause those are my favorite part of apples!"
Leave it to B.B. to like bruised fruit.

We watched the potty DVD last night. I really don't need 45 minutes of overly excited, cookie-cutter parents telling me how to potty train my fourth child. That being said, it does have 4 songs about going potty that Bitsy loves. Loves so much that we had to watch them 8 times in a row this morning before the big kids left for school (the songs, not the 45 minutes of homogenous potty training advice). Fun. I wonder if Princess wants it for HT.....

Tomorrow I get to go read to a group of first graders in the reading room at school. Maybe I should stop at the store & pick up a Mountain Dew before I go. It would help to have 1/10th the energy the kids in my group will undoubtedly have.

I have a wicked bad kink in my neck. Not sure where it came from. Really hoping it leaves soon as it's causing my head to hurt....and I think it may be traveling down my back as well. I don't have time for this. I have bunk beds to make.

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Kork said...

I HEART Achmed! And his "Jingle Bombs" has to be the BEST Christmas Carol EVER! :D