September 30, 2009

A much needed reprieve

I was supposed to take #1 Son to see the ENT for his 6 week, post surgery check-up today. It's an hour & 20 minute drive. It meant taking BabyGirl & #1 Son out of school an hour early & taking all 4 FarmHands for an appointment that would take about 45 seconds. To top it all off, I have a head cold & would much rather spend the day wrapped in blankets reading on the couch while the FarmHands watch videos & live on Pop-Tarts.

When I got home from picking B.B. up from school, Husband was standing on the porch with the phone in his hand. "It's Dr.S's office. They want to know if you can come early." EARLY?! They're an hour & a half away! No, I can't come early! He shrugged & handed me the phone.

The nurse explained that Dr.S had an add on surgery this afternoon & it would interfere with our appointment. I was beyond frustrated by this point. Then she looked at #1 Son's chart & said, "Is this just his post-op follow up?" Yeah. "Is he having any problems?" No. "None?" None at all. "OK, that's great. You don't need to come in at all. If he develops any issues, call us & we'll get him in, otherwise, there's no need for you to bring him in."

Thank you, Lord for small graces!

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Kork said...

Hooray for other patients and their issues sometimes!!!!

Feel better, and tape, lots and lots of duck tape! That should keep those Farmhands down so you can rest! :D

Otherwise, I think you should just give them hot toddies, that'll knock them out... :D