September 29, 2009

It (was) a nice day for a white wedding.

I know it's been a while, but I'm still recovering from the festivities.

Bubba & Beck are lounging on a beach in Florida. I've been up to my ears in laundry.

The rain broke about an hour before the wedding & the sun burst through the clouds giving us beautiful wedding weather just in time. A HUGE answer to a lot of prayers. Thank You, Lord!

Becky was beautiful in her dress & my brother looked like a grown up (not something easy for a big sister to accept) in his tux. The rest of us looked pretty good, too, if I must say. Especially the flower girl....she was a doll. But I'm not biased in her favor at all.

The wedding party walked in to Iris by the Goo-Goo Dolls & the bride walked in on her father's arm to a really unique version of the Wedding March. Bubba tried to talk her into using the march from Star Wars, but Beck wouldn't agree...the Wedding March she used was very similar, though. It was really cool!

When everyone turned to watch her come down the aisle on her daddy's arm, I turned to look at my baby brother instead. The look on his face was....I don't really have a word for it. The love, excitement, anxiousness, and awe were visible. He kept leaning towards the aisle like he was about to bolt down it to meet Beck & her dad half way; like they weren't walking fast enough for him. He couldn't wait for Beck to get to him.

Bucka preformed the ceremony. Bubba wanted our grandfather to marry them so badly, but we weren't sure Bucka would feel up to the task. The night before he announced this would be his last wedding; he can't handle it any longer. He married Husband & me nearly 12 years ago & Bubba wanted the same start for Beck & himself.

Very early on, Bucka got a bit tongue tied saying Bubba's name. He recovered quickly, but I think it threw him. Then he accidentally turned 2 pages in his wedding book instead of one & skipped straight to the exchange of rings. I've seen enough weddings preformed by my grandfather to know this was not how he did things. I immediately knew he'd skipped their vows, but hoped he'd right himself before it was all over.

After the exchange of rings, he started to close out the ceremony...I knew it was nearly over, so I glanced at QM & mouthed, "Should I?" She nodded emphatically & I slipped up the stage behind a candelabra to tell Bucka he'd skipped a part. Just as he turned to me he said, "Oh, yeah, I've gotten a little ahead of my self." He backtracked a bit & everything was taken care of. I know it upset Bucka quite a bit, but he handled it very well. More than once he had the entire congregation laughing out loud over it. My favorite thing was when he said, "They'll never forget their wedding!"

Bubba & Beck said the traditional vows and then shared ones they'd written themselves. I so wish I could put on here exactly what my brother said, but I wouldn't do it justice. He talked about how the phrase I love you now takes on an entirely new meaning to them as a couple. It's now a promise for was beautiful.

I do not cry at weddings. I may tear up a bit, but I don't really cry. I used to, but haven't in about 10 years. The look in my brother's eyes when I was walking down the aisle on the arm of one of his closest friends was enough to break down all my defenses. Princess & I cried through most of the ceremony...when we weren't laughing with Bucka & the couple.

After the reception (a simple affair with finger foods, cake, & punch) the entire family returned to QM & Daddy's to hang out in Deem's new Dradge House as HT calls the garage. There was enough food to feed a small army, enough laughter to drown out the cries of kids denied access to the hill of dirt behind us, and enough love to fill us all up for a long time to come.

Bubba & Beck stopped by to visit with the grandparents & aunts & uncles for a bit before heading out. Beck needed Princess to take off the fake nails Princess had put on her the night before. They were making her crazy. :)

Once most of the family retired for the night, QM offered to babysit my girls, HT, and Art's brood (my boys had already headed back to Illinois with their dad after the wedding) so we could sit & visit in the garage. Uncle Gick hung out with us & we sang & talked & laughed for a good long time....but of course it's never quite long enough.

Now I'm attempting to recover from a lot of running around, eating on the fly, and way to little sleep. All the laundry is washed & most of it's folded & put away. The luggage is stashed where it belongs & the massive amount of hand-me-downs Bitsy inherited this weekend has been sorted & put away.

I think I need a honeymoon.


Kork said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip and that the weather broke for the start to this new chapter in their lives...

How weird to think of Bubba all grown up and actually interested in girls...let alone actually MARRIED to one! Sigh...somehow, he'll always be that mildly annoying teenager I met the summer I came out to see you and your family. Weird that...

Glad to hear your boys made it through the final hours before your return without major issues of blood or injury.

Hoping you're settled in soon and back to "normal".

Queen Mother said...

It was just to short.

We need at least one more night of song and dance.

Ang said...

Oh man..Seeing that part of the country where your mama is..I would have loved to been there with ya'll. it's so beautiful..I'm so glad the wedding and such went well. Hope the happy couple are roasting/tanning and having a wonderful time..Hope you are feeling better and getting rested up.