September 10, 2009

Football, Goofy, Birthdays, and Paint.

There's a Titans/Steelers game on TV tonight. I may actually watch an entire football game without my husband present....either that or the next installment of Heroes we got from Netflix today.

The FarmHands are watching Classic Goofy sports cartoons on DVD. I love Netflix.

Tomorrow is Friday. I've been ready for Friday since Tuesday. This week has taken far too long. Next week should keep me hopping. Children's Church on Sunday, B.B.'s birthday on Wednesday, snacks for B.B.'s class Wednesday for his birthday, snacks for #1 Son's class on Friday, and many more things I know I'm forgetting right now.

If I lived about 240 miles to my south I'd be hard at work painting & moving furniture at QM's house in preparation for Bubba & Beck's wedding & all the guests coming to town. Instead, I'm calling daily for updates on the progress. Princess may take up permanent residence at Mama's until all the work is done. I'm wondering if I can find a sitter for the weekend & convince Husband that I need to go help my sister paint my mom's living room.

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Ang said...

Good luck on the convincin! I'm sure momma would love your company too.