September 26, 2009

A cry screech for help

Today is the big day. My baby brother becomes a husband. Princess & I get a new sister. The FarmHands get a new aunt. We're all very excited.

Now for the icky part: it won't quit raining. Daddy said it's been raining for the better part of three weeks down here. The FarmHands & I made the entire trip down in the rain (pouring rain, most of it). This morning, the sound of water cascading off the roof woke me. It's coming down in sheets.

This is not good.

Beck is already a walking panic attack. Toss in gallons of water & she may be catatonic come time for the ceremony. The reception is being held in a hall about 50 yards away from the doors of the church building. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want her dress soaked during the sprint across the parking lot.

It's not like I'm asking for you to pray away rain from a county entrenched in drought, I'm asking you to pray rain away from a county under flood watch. Please. Begging is more like it.

Oh, and then there's the fact that my husband is going to be on the road in this mess....for 250 miles.

And while you're praying, could you toss in a few for the Bride, Groom, Wedding party, and their families? Thanks so much! That's what's going to keep us afloat today....literally.


Staci said...

Well - your day is winding down or over by now. I hope there were lots of memory-worthy events.

Terri said...

awe - 9/26 is my anniversary date! and it sprinkled when we were leaving the church (not poured like you are mentioning) but hey it was good for us so it'll be good for them!! Need you to swing by, having a fun giveaway, come check it out.