September 1, 2009


My best friend started working on her bachelors degree in accounting at a four year college today.

I defrosted my fridge.

My cousin suffered a horrible birth injury & is dealing with an aftermath that boggles my mind.

I bashed my head on the closet door last week because I'm so clumsy I'm practically disabled.

My soon to be sister-in-law is suffering from panic attacks because of wedding plans.

I'm panicked because I have to make a 5 hour drive alone with 4 children to get to the wedding.

My grandfather just got out of a week in the hospital due to pneumonia.

I have hay fever.

Oh dear.


areyoukiddingme said...

Perspective...isn't it great?

Jill of All Trades said...


Inkling said...

On the upside...(I just came up with this brilliant positive point about your cousin, er, me.).....

IF I find a surgeon who will somehow be competent and able with BC's budget issues to operate. (IF, sounds like Cinderella's stepmother.)

Anyway, IF that all happens, and IF what the doctor from Angola said comes true, then I will have organic fertilizer fresh for the spreading all handy at my fingertips in a nice bag. I think maybe I've just found my work-at-home income. I can sell it to people to make their gardens grow.

So what do you think? Brilliant?

Farmers sell manure all the time. Why not me? We'll be filthy rich. Hee hee. Get it?

Okay, going to humor school asap. But really, you have to consider it humorous. And in these days of green living and recycling, why wouldn't someone like this idea and want to pay me the big bucks?!