September 24, 2009

I'm not sure I thought this through.

Last night I started packing. I'd cleaned the house, washed the laundry, made my packing list, and the next logical step was to pack everything up. I knew there were things we'd need to use this morning, but most everything else could be gathered up last night. I rounded up shoe boxes, dress clothes, wedding gift, snack bags, busy bags for the FarmHands, etc., etc., etc....and stacked them neatly at the back door.

This morning I finished gathering clothes & helped the boys pack their suitcase. BabyGirl's was done, mine was nearly done, Bitsy's was done....then as soon as Husband took the kids to school, Bitsy & I hopped in the shower. By the time Husband got home, I was dressed, hair & make-up done, and packing the last of our toiletries.

It's now 10:30 & I have nothing left to do but wait until 1:30 when the FarmHands come home from school. I don't wait well, especailly not before a long trip. I think I'm going to go stir crazy.

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