August 10, 2009

Up Hill Climb

We've had a tough couple of days on the farm. #1 Son is still feeling pretty bad. He hasn't eaten much since his surgery on Wednesday. It's a struggle to get him to drink. He's still in a lot of pain. I was hoping he'd be on the mend by now. It's tough to watch my happy boy lay around & be miserable.

On top of his misery, I came down with a cold Friday night. I'm feeling better now, but it's not easy to take care of a sick child & three healthy ones when you just want to sleep continually.

School starts this week. Part of me is so very ready to send 3 of the 4 FarmHands off to spend at least part of the day somewhere else. The other part of me is worried about how I'm going to spend three hours a day with only one child in tow. I'm sure I'll figure it out. I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out quickly & soon be wishing B.B. could spend 4 hours a day at preschool instead of just three.

Now if only I could dig my house out from under the chaos that has arisen since my knee was re-infected, and VBS started, and #1 Son had his surgery, and I got sick....anyone want to loan me a shovel?

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Terri said...

I'm shocked your schools start so early! Up here in MI we start AFTER Labor Day, almost a month away still. Crazy. Sorry to hear about son #1. Seems like between you and hubs and four kids something is always going on healthwise. Hang in there.