August 6, 2009

Poor kid

Please pray for #1 Son today. He had a good night, but he's quite a bit of pain now. He doesn't want to swallow which is exactly what he needs to be doing most! I've given him his pain medicine & he's napping at the moment....but I think this could be a tough day for my little guy.


dina said...

UGH! We went through this with our youngest when he had his tonsils/adenoids out - gosh, 6 years ago now.

First he had an allergic reaction to the first antibiotic. Then he had a reaction to the pain medication. And after so much throwing up, asthma, and hives, he simply refused to swallow any more.

What's a Mom to do?!

Tell you what I did: I cried out to God for help and got on the phone with the surgeon.

The surgeon actually got on the phone with the kid and told him he HAD to comply with Mom. He told him that if he didn't, unfortunately, he'd have to be hospitalized, and he was pretty sure that being at home was more comfortable for him.

Kiddo thought about it for a while. After about 15 minutes meekly asked for a popsicle. It was all improvement from there on out.

Keeping you guys in prayer!

Kork said...

Lots of prayers for that little man! And for his Mama and Daddy...and that the rest of the FarmHands will just decide to go live outside for the next 72 hours...

Lots of hugs!