August 11, 2009

Shopping for Dad

Husband's 35th birthday is Friday. Today B.B., Bitsy & I had to go to town. B.B. had to get his school vaccinations. He was not happy, but I told him we'd go shopping for Daddy's birthday when we were done at the health department. That made things a tad bit better.

On the way to Wal-Mart, B.B. decided his dad needed a Jello cake for his birthday this year instead of our traditional coconut cream pie. He was very insistent about it, so I said sure. After he picked out the cake & jello flavors he wanted to use (with a bit of prodding from Mom...I wasn't really keen on a chocolate cake with lime jello), we headed off to shop for birthday presents.

Husband is nearly impossible to buy for. At least within a small budget. I could get him a new ATV, or a trailer to pull behind his truck, or new gates for the stock pen, but I was looking for something a little less....well...huge & expensive.

We started in the DVD aisle & that's when things got interesting. B.B. was sure his dad wanted Over The Hedge on DVD, along with an X-Men cartoon, Syd The Science Kid, Tim Burton's Batman, the original Super Man movies, or Taken with Liam Neeson. I'm not sure why, but he gets very excited when ever he sees the case for Taken....he's never seen it, but he knows Husband & I have. He is certain that we need to own it. Me, not so much. He wasn't too thrilled with what I did pick out (not telling...Husband might get nosy).

Then we headed into the sporting goods aisles. B.B. picked out a new "little" fishing pole for his dad (I think it had a super hero on it), a new baseball cap (Husband rarely wears hats & he has a closet full of them), a pink softball (Husband doesn't like baseball or softball), and a set of 15 pound hand weights.

We made a quick trip down the toy aisles looking for pool stuff & games when B.B. found a Spider-Man RC car he knew his dad would love. He also suggested a hula-hoop & a new dinosaur toy.

When we were in the clothing department he picked out a t-shirt covered in super heroes...I thought it looked pretty cool, but knew Husband would rather eat glass than wear it out in public.

In the end, I think B.B. was a bit disappointed in my choices, but I did let him have his say in one gift. You'll just have to wait to hear if Husband likes the gift as much as B.B. does.

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Gail said...

Isn't it wonderful what children choose? My grandson bought my sister a wine glass one year because he wanted her to have a pretty glass to drink from. Gifts from the heart!