November 9, 2008

One good thing about 6 am

Bitsy has decided getting up at 6 am is a good thing. I, as her mother, disagree, but it seems I have little say in the matter. I just don't like being awake before the sun.
Really, this morning I should be thanking her because she woke me up from the strangest dream. I was pregnant with her & looking for a place that would agree to do a high def ultrasound. I was in Tennessee visiting with QM so she went with me. When the ultrasound tech was doing the ultrasound, she said, "Now, you do what you can to wake the baby up. Try to make her blink or grimace or something." So I said, "Hey baby, can you blink for Mama?" And suddenly the ultrasound screen looked less like a Doppler weather map & more like a studio video shoot. The baby turned it's head to look at the camera & oddly, my precious little girl looked exactly like Ralphie from A Christmas Story complete with black framed glasses & chubby cheeks. The Tech told me I could touch her (at this point I wasn't convinced the baby was a girl at all) and much to my surprised, I could reach through the screen & touch the baby. I told her I liked her glasses & she laughed at me. Then Bitsy woke me up. Oy.

BUT singles is on E! this morning (see how I did that with the title of the movie? I am so cool). This movie makes me miss being 19. Makes me miss Art & our tiny apartment (the Love Shack). Makes me want to go out dancing. Makes me want to listen to Pearl Jam & REM. Makes me think of someone I once knew who was in love with Kyra Sedgwick & thought he was Layne Stanley. Makes me want to hang out at Waffle House at 3 in the morning.

"We will always go dancing!"

"'Have fun. Stay single.' I was eight."

"I chose C. What to you think?" "I think that A, you have an act and that B, not having an act is your act."

"We're huge in Europe right now."

If they would only show Reality Bites next, my trip back in time would be complete. But then I might run away to be a waitress in a mediocre steak house & leave my husband & children to fend for themselves. Maybe I should just get ready for church.


Gail said...

Children, gotta love 'em! They will be grown and gone in a wink. A
Christmas Story is one of my all time favorite movies.
When touring our grandson through places of our childhood, he asked why are most of the places gone that used to be? Why do I get all the hard questions? I said they are never gone, we have them in our memories and now they will be in yours.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I had exactly the same thought: if only they showed Reality Bites, it'd be a double-decker surprise. So love Singles. Must pull out the soundtrack and listen to it.

anonymous jones said...

Have you been drinking a lot of red cordial or something?