November 20, 2008

Big plans. Small happenings.

OK, so I know I had big plans for today. I went to Busha's & borrowed her scrub brush to clean my floors with (hers has a long handle like a broom keeping me off my knees all day). I came home to find Husband antsy to go searching for something, so I dressed the kids & went with. Got home, bathed the kids & posted a picture on facebook of our new "something." Then I washed dishes & made lunch.

After lunch I cleaned out the utility closet, threw out a bunch of too small/worn out shoes the kids had stashed in there, swept the piles of dirt & cobwebs living under the work boots, and reorganized the coat hooks by the back door. After that I sorted through some of B.B.'s clothes to send south for HT. Now I can't quit sniffling & sneezing, so work has ceased for the time being. Dust allergies are not fun. Tomorrow I will resupply my Zyrtec stock. Hopefully that will give me the resistance I need to get my chores done!

In the meantime, I decided to post a picture of my coat hooks. Yes, that's my new green coat on the left.

We never come in our front door. When we moved in I was thrilled with the extra closet by the back thinking we'd keep our coats & shoes there. It didn't really work out that way. Husband's tool chest lived in there for a while. My vacuum & the old washing machine live there now. No basement & no garage mean it's a catch all for things like mud boots, brooms, mops, carpet shampooers, coveralls, the Christmas tree, oil filters, out of season sandals & flip flops, kites, wiener roast sticks, and other odd junk. There is a hanging bar in there & jackets & coats do live there, but the ones we use daily need to be closer at hand.

When BabyGirl started pre-k I convinced Husband I needed hooks for jackets & back packs. I picked up the hooks & he bought the lumber. It's nothing fancy, but it keeps all our daily needs close at hand. I never lose the diaper bag or my purse. The kids can always find their coats & umbrellas. Shoes are supposed to be lined up neatly against the wall (that happens occasionally). Everyone had their own hook (as Husband reminds me when my jackets & bags spill over onto his) & each one stays full. This may be the best idea I ever had. That's kind of sad.

And in case you're wondering what the "something" we went after was, here's a picture:

Actually, the kids & I picked up the little girl (right) yesterday. They named her Polly. The boy (left) is Shoe Shine (Anyone remember Underdog?). Got him today. They're beagles. Husband's been dying for some for months.


Grace said...

Oh my gosh! I've wanted a beagle for years. They are so cute!! Someday I WILL have me a beagle, but in the meantime I'll have to love the monster we have!!!

Gail said...

Beagles are such good children dogs. They are so cute!!!

Good job on the coat hook area.

areyoukiddingme said...

Awesome puppies. They look just like the brother/sister beagle mix dogs my sister used to have. Buster, the male, was brown and black (like your Shoe Shine) and Betsy, the female, was cream with brown and black spots (like your Polly). Brings back memories...

Ang said...

you didn't name him snoopy? awwww shucks!!!

They are stinkin' cute!!