November 20, 2008

Done list (inspite of allergy attack)

Just to make myself feel good, I'm listing what I've accomplished since my last post (three today. I have issues).

  • taken all bottles, elephants, lunch boxes & nick-knacks off top of kitchen cabinets
  • washed all above listed junk
  • washed cabinet fronts with Murphy's Oil Soap & water (29 doors, 11 drawer fronts)
  • scrubbed greasy dust off top of cabinets
  • cleaned oven hood
  • washed down all appliances
  • replaced all above listed junk
  • took down kitchen, and both kids' rooms curtains
  • washed curtains
  • washed kitchen windows (inside only)
  • put curtains back up
  • dusted living room
  • put away scattered junk stashed on the book shelves in living room
  • baby's clothes in the washer

Not bad for a sniffy mess of a night. I'll get to the floors tomorrow....Lord willing as Bucka would say after I get my running done.

After tonight, Husband doesn't have to go back to work until December!! I'll be a hunting widow part of this weekend.


areyoukiddingme said...

Excellent job! Can you come to my house and repeat tomorrow?

Anita said...

Did you do all of this for me? I didn't plan on getting up there with my white gloves.

Aunt Anita

FarmWife said...

Aunt Anita,
Technically, no. But I am using you as an excuse to motivate myself into doing all the stuff that's needed to be done for a while and must be done before the Christmas stuff is dug out.

But if it makes you feel good, then yes, this is all for you! :)

Gail said...

Good job! Now seen some ambition my way...I need a big tub of it.