November 20, 2008's visit time in the country.

OK, so that was rather lame. I have not Art's talent for rewrites. Oh well.

But, I am excited. Aunt Anita (formerly known as Silverbelle) is coming to see me on Saturday. She & Uncle Greenteeth are heading south for the birthday of another great niece (who's a few months younger than Bitsy) and are taking the opportunity to swing by the Funny Farm. I can't remember if they've ever been to our house before? I know they came to see us once when we lived in town, but I can't remember them making it down since we moved to the sticks. I only hope they don't get lost. They have a Garmin, so I'll have faith in electronics.

In the meantime, there's nothing like visiting royalty to get one off one's kiester & get to scrubbing. I've been doing better since our disconnection, but yesterday I fell off the wagon. Little Women & NCIS wove a web I could not escape from. I was a bit achy from the massive scrubbing I gave the bathrooms the day before, so I used them as an excuse to laze about all day. It was fabulous.

I know they are coming to see me, not my house, but it gives me an excuse to do the things I've been putting off for far too long. Like dusting. And scrubbing my kitchen floor with a scrub brush. And cleaning the clutter off the shelves in the living room. And washing the nick-knacks on top of my cabinets. Yikes, my windows need scrubbed, but that's not happening. All things I try to do this time every fall in preparation for the holidays. We'll see how much I get accomplished.

I'm off. The FarmHands are up & going. They must be fed, clothed, & shipped off to school so I can start my day. Enjoy yours!


Brando said...

Hey! remember Needles had a Garmin too and it tryed to take her down a road that wasn't there.

One good thing is that it will reroute.

Have a great visit!

Gail said...

Hope you have a good visit. My grandmother always said, clean house when company leaves, that way you won't have to clean it twice.