October 4, 2008

Pop-up, Schmop-up

I'm sure who ever thought of pop-up baby wipes thought they were doing the frazzled mothers of the world a great service.

"Hey, why don't we connect the wipes in one big long chain, feed them through the top of a special box, and they can just pull them out to use one lovely, refreshing wipe at a time. Mothers everywhere will fall at our feet in gratitude! We're bloody brilliant!"

I'm afraid they didn't take a few things into consideration. One of them being Bitsy. You see, with a box of plain old, ordinary, folded, one-at-a-time baby wipes, when she sneaks the box off into a corner, pops the entire lid off, and pulls one out, she gets one wipe. Just one. She then uses that single wipe to rub anything that doesn't move (and the dog if it stays in one place long enough) then she drops the wipe & toddles off to her next adventure.

With a box of pop-up wipes things go a bit differently. You see, she hasn't mastered that nifty little pop-up door, so the entire lid gets flipped open. Then when she grabs the wipe she wants & pulls, all the others follow...in a long. snaky. chain. This is the grandest thing to ever happen to a 15 month old. Miles & Miles of baby wipes strung out across the living room. So much more fun than unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper. You see, toilet paper isn't damp (at lest I hope it's not if it's still on the roll or strung through my house). It's also not strong enough to wrap your baby doll up in when your motor skills aren't that great. Baby wipes win this prize hands down.
Have you ever tried to re-fold 27 feed of baby wipes and cram them back in a little plastic box? Doesn't really work so well. In fact, it may be nearly impossible. This is why there's currently a mass of crumpled, smashed, and wadded up baby wipes crammed in the Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes box on top of my entertainment center (why it's there is another post all together).
And don't even get me started on why the wipes in the giant refill pack are divided into sections way to big to fit in the box as is. Really Huggies, y'all need to get your act together or I may...oh heck, I have to have baby wipes (too lazy to make my own), so I guess any threat would be idle. I may just spit in your general direction. So there. Pbth.


Anonymous said...

yeah it's not thrilling when the dog grabs a hold of the clorox wipes in the tube through the tiny hole either. They think they won the lottery stringin it all over the house

zann said...

this post reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask an experienced mama (that would be you) during your ask Farmwife segment. I could just ask the pediatrician but we don't see him again until the 22nd and it seems a silly thing to call and ask. So I'm just asking about your experience.I know it isn't Monday yet... but please humor me if you will.

Farmwife, when can you stop using "Sensitive" wipes on a little one and start using all the others that people gave you?

Grace said...

Too funny! I can picture the fun(and the yelling)!! I never used huggies. I loved the white cloud brand. They were soft and smelled so good. I don't even know if they still make those or not.

Zann... I know I'm not Farmwife, but I never used the sensitive wipes on any of my kiddos, seeing how the wipe companies came up with them after all mine were bigger. If I'm not mistaken, don't they cost more money? Personally I think it's just a way to make new mamas spend more money on something. I hate when companies do that to us.

Kork said...

Amen Farmie! Captain Chaos has done that about 3 times...grrrr! And you know what? Huggies does things I shouldn't type on this blog...I switched to Pampers after the first giant box of Huggies was gone...

Zann...I'm not FarmWife either, but I'll tell you what...you use those Sensitive wipes as long as you want...The difference? There's no perfume. There isn't any less alcohol, and to be perfectly honest? The Sensitive only make people feel better about using them, unless your little one truly has sensitive skin, which you'll know after about 3 diaper changes with non-sensitive wipes...