October 15, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot little like Christmas.

I'm feeling a bit puny today. At about 1 o'clock this morning, I got up to put Bitsy back in her crib (I had nursed her back to sleep in our bed & fallen asleep myself). When I stood up a wave of nausea hit. Bitsy started crying & demanded to get back in bed with us. Then she refused to go to sleep. She crawled all over the bed, Husband, and me. Neither one of us felt good. We both told her to lay down & sleep. Instead she started kissing me. That little booger. Hasn't kissed me in weeks, but gives me half a dozen in an attempt to keep from going to sleep. Before it was said & done, Bitsy & I spent a few hours in the living room watching The Secret Lives of Women: Child Brides & Extreme Weight Loss on We TV while I tried not to puke. This morning I feel puny & ill.

Husband wasn't feeling great last night either. No one's puked or run a fever, so I don't know what's going on. Maybe we ate something yesterday...who knows. But the 85 degree weather isn't helping. This is a day when I could use a cool, crisp afternoon to spend wrapped in a blanked reading on the couch. Instead we're lazing about the house in front of open windows hoping for a breeze. I will not turn on the AC in October. It goes against my religious beliefs.

Yesterday MIL babysat B.B. while Husband, Bitsy, and I hit Wal-Mart to pick up the older kids Christmas toys. They're getting more toys this year than they normally do. The only reason it's done & they're getting what they're getting is because we had "puppy money." Bitsy doesn't have anything just yet, and there are still clothes & books to get, but the bulk is stashed in my closet. I don't think we've ever been done before Thanksgiving before. Heck, I don't think we've ever started before Thanksgiving before. Normally we're a week or two before Christmas kind of family.

One thing I've decided is that this year the FarmHands are getting a box of books. I've already got one (Piratology), and four more ordered (three Usborn Pirate books and The Invention of Hugo Cabret from Scholastic). I'm just going to keep picking up books here & there & instead of trying to decide who gets which book at Christmas, they're all going into one big box for everyone to open. Maybe this will become a tradition. If so, it may be my favorite tradition. Up there with the Hallmark ornaments QM gets them every year.

I've decided one more thing about Christmas gifts this year (what can I say? I'm on a roll). Those tiny jelly jars I put on here the other day...those are going to be teacher gifts for the kids to give (Yes, Grace. I'm the one who liked the ones you brought to Inkling's Blessing). I've made rose jelly & pear butter in the little 4 oz jars this month. Since each kid has a teacher & a teacher's aid, I'm going to give one jar of each to each. Maybe I'll tie them up in some cute holiday fabric & attach an inexpensive/hand made ornament on top. We'll see. But really, what teacher needs more apple knick-knacks or scented candles?

Maybe I'll sync all my Christmas music onto my Zune this week & really get into the spirit. Hey, if QM can celebrate Christmas all year long, I can start mid-October!


Grace said...

Yeah Christmas is coming! I keep threatening Smart Guy with Christmas music in October. It's too good to only listen to one month a year, but somehow the warmer temps this week just don't seem very Christmasy, ya know!! I'm impressed with the haul you've already got picked out. I've started my list for everyone, but that's as far as I've gotten!!

Inkling said...

Wow. We just got the World Vision catalog yesterday, and posed the question of whether we wanted to put our money into that and send everyone cards to tell them what we purchased in their honor. Other than that, we haven't even thought about Christmas.

I seem to be more tied up with issues like heartburn that resembles puking a little bit, and how to adjust to wearing turtle necks and jeans after tank tops and flip flops. So if you think you could lock the kids in the pantry for a few days (after all, they would have food and juice boxes in there), you could come on up here and help me get all creative with Christmas shopping. Maybe we could even sell my landlord so I could have money to buy real things....hee hee. But he isn't as cute or easy to train as puppies are.

Okay, being quiet now. Gotta go do chores.

Did I mention I'm cold up here?

anonymous jones said...

I bet you caught something from the shopping centre you went to the day before. They need to chlorinate the air in those places. It's nearly the end of the year here so my hubby will be getting a lot of presents from his class, too. Guess what they gave him last year? An iPod (something like that, I lose track of DS's, MP3s and all that stuff etc). And this year they gave him a Wii fit for his birthday! Private school, you see. (I gave him a couple of Tshirts!)

Anita said...

Good idea on teacher gifts and kudos to you for remembering the assistants. We get short changed far too often! I am a bit leery however of homemade gifts from some of our students, but then again you would have to know our students and parents. They will love them from you.