October 9, 2008

High Anxiety

The first pup out of the current litter sold yesterday. One more should be going tonight. Four left.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow by a total stranger. Not really unusual for me as my stylist quit or we move or I just don't like them anymore. In reality, I'm excited.

Early this morning I had a rather disturbing dream. I showed up at the salon to discover it was a dark, Gothic/punk style place full of heavily tattooed & pierced people. Everyone there had multiple colors of hair & odd, asymmetrical hair styles or huge Mohawks. All the clients were raving over the stylists & the stylists were inordinately proud of their work. I was terrified.

Then a gentleman began discussing my options for a style. I don't think he worked there, but for some reason, he had a lot of influence. He also had 1980's Hair band hair with bleached bangs. He suggested I go with a similar look. I tried to explain to him that bangs & I do not get along well, but he seemed confused. When I turned to look in the mirror I discovered I too had 1980's big hair that bordered on a mullet complete with mile high mall bangs. It was horrible.

I awoke in a cold sweat, screaming, tears running down my face. OK, so not really, but it was rather frightening. I'm having hair anxiety.
And no, I do not know the family in the photo. I stole it from Google Images. I'm sure they were the cat's meow in 1984. I totally would have worn hair that big if I knew how & you can bet I rocked the layered look too!

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Kork said...

Don't panic Farmie! You could totally pull off the big hair "Bridge and Tunnel" girl style!

thank goodness you don't have to and thank heavens that you didn't know how to get that hair...you would have spent way too much money on things like mousse, gel, hair spray...not to mention the HOUR you'd have spent ratting and spraying and drying...OY!