October 9, 2008

(Fire) Safety Dance (FarmHand style)

It's National Fire Safety Month. Yesterday the fire truck came to school. The kids had an assembly, talked about fire safety, toured an ambulance & a fire truck, and came home loaded with wonderful information, stickers, and a plastic fire man hat. On the trip home from school I got the low down on fire safety (and the reasons people's homes caught on fire...Aunt Anita, they have a theory about your kitchen).

Last night I was making mac & cheese for their dinner & chatting with Daddy on the phone. The timer on the stove went off & BabyGirl & #1 Son began shouting, "Fire alarm! Fire alarm!" I assured them it was only the timer and went back to draining the water off the pasta.

About 45 seconds later, B.B. ran up to me & said, "I wanna' go outside too!" I told him no one was going outside at all. "BabyGirl & #1 Son did!" So I hopped over the baby gate to find out what was going on. I'd heard the door open, but assumed BabyGirl was letting Lilly back in after a potty break. I assumed wrong.

I caught them coming back in & hollered, "What are you doing? Why are you outside? Why is the baby outside?!" When they heard the timer, BabyGirl grabbed Bitsy & she & #1 Son ran out the back door into Lilly May's dog run (a small fenced in area right behind the house). They were saving Bitsy from the fire. Forget B.B. & Mom. Leave them to burn. Grab the baby & run!

Incidentally, they couldn't have gotten out of the dog's pen without assistance. Guess we'll have to have an actual fire drill before BabyGirl cuts a hole in her screen window, "Just in case there's ever a fire & I can't get out," like her Aunt Princess.

The best part, when the smoke alarm goes off (which it does often...stupid kitchen smoke alarm), they never react except to scream, "Make it stop! We can't hear Spongebob!" and plug up their ears.

Now, before you head down to read my post about my subconscious hair issues, I present Men Without Hats!

The dwarf in this video scared the jeepers out of me when I was little. Now the woman's hair scares me. She ain't right either.


Kork said...

I haven't seen this video in AGES! I HEART Men Without Hats.

But riddle me this: what exactly IS the Safety Dance? and what does a Maypole have to do with it?!?!?

Anonymous said...

lol...I downloaded this song onto my ipod last month.