September 10, 2008

Your prayers are coveted..updated

My Aunt Anita (formerly known as Silverbelle) is currently having surgery to remove her thyroid gland & (if I understand this correctly) about 200 lymph nodes from her neck. It is a 6 hour long surgery. It will leave a scar across her neck from ear to ear. It is the only way to treat the type of cancer she has. The cancer that might not have been found if not for her heart attack last spring.

Please pray for her & my uncle & their two sons (the boys are in their early 20's). Please pray for my Grandma & Grandpa M&M. Pray for the surgeon & his/her team. But most of all, Pray for my aunt. We need her.


Daddy called me. Everything went well. The surgeon thinks the cancer was contained completely in the thyroid. There was one lymph node that looked suspicious, so it was sent immediately to pathology. The report came back clean. Aunt Anita is doing well.

The thing about them removing 200 lymph nodes must have been something I misunderstood. Daddy said there are 400 in the entire body & 200 of those are in the neck. I know they took quite a few, but I don't think it was 200.

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