September 24, 2008

Virtual To-Do List...

I've had issues with my daily tasks lately. I know what has to be done, but I've been so tired or laid up with a head ache that nothing has been accomplished around here in much longer than I'd like to admit. So I'm leaving my list with you for safe keeping. I'm not sure I'll get all this done today, but I'm going to try to take a chunk out of it. Either that or I'm sure the Ladies from How Clean is Your House? are going to ask me to hand in my apron & rubber gloves.

The list may be virtual, but the chores, sadly, are not. Check back later to see how I'm doing. Offer support, or a kick to the seat of my pants, your choice. If the chore is done, it'll be red; if it's in progress, blue; still to be done, black.

  • Kids out of bed, fed, and dressed
  • #1 Son's lunch packed
  • Kids off to school
  • dishes washed
  • sink cleaned out
  • dishes put away
  • counters cleaned off
  • lunch made
  • laundry folded
  • laundry put away
  • beds stripped
  • sheets washed
  • beds remade
  • garbage out
  • vacuum canister dumped
  • house dusted
  • carpets vacuumed
  • kitchen floor mopped
  • bathrooms scrubbed
  • house picked up
  • sewing done
  • shower prep updated
  • bathroom floors washed
  • insurance called
  • vacuum filters cleaned
  • air filter cleaned
  • toys sorted & junk thrown away
  • BabyGirl's homework done (I just supervise)
  • Kids bathed, fed, and tucked in
  • showered & jammied

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something, but just getting this done before the older FarmHands get off the school bus is enough to keep me busy. Now if only I'd get off this blasted computer & get to work.......


I added a few chores & changed what I've finished to red. I've decided the laundry will have to wait to be folded after the FarmHands are in bed (or Bitsy is napping). I'm getting there......


8:03 pm and I am done with my chores, showered, and jammied just in time for Project Runway. Yeah me!! Now if only I had a pint of Ben & Jerry's as a reward for myself.


zann said...

it looks as though you have done quite well. You deserve a cookie.

Kork said...

I think you did awesome with that list! Go You!

And now, once dinner is done, baths are given, and kids are tied into bed for the know what I mean...

Anyway, fold the clothes and put away what you can.

And remember...a little bit every day...

a wandering heart said...

Great job!!!!