September 25, 2008


It's a good thing I finished all my to-do list yesterday because today I feel a bit puny. Not really ill, just no get up & go & a bit of a sour stomach. I am amazed at all I got accomplished yesterday. I think the "do a little at a time" thing doesn't work so well with me. I do better when I have a set list of tasks to accomplish & I get some momentum. Once I get started, I just keep going. Maybe now that it's all done, I can keep on top of things for a while...we'll see.

I may have a new obsession. Netflix. OK, I know, I'm about 2 years behind the rest of the world, but we just got a free one month trial & I'm having a wonderful time rating movies. I'm beginning to think I've spent half my life watching movies! Yikes.

Guess what. In 3 days I get to see Inkling & Grace! I'm so excited!! I also get to see Aunt Anita...a room chocked full of bloggers. How cool is that? Too bad QM & Princess & Art can't make it...oh well. I'm so excited to see Inkling & her bump. All B.B. has talked about lately is Baby Grasshopper. I've tried to explain that Grasshopper is still in his mommy's belly, but B.B.'s not sure about that. And Bitsy's pretty sure the things I've been making him are actually for her. She's not too keen to share.

The older FarmHands get out of school early today. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. I hope I'm feeling a bit perkier when they get here. Maybe we'll take a long walk, or play some games, or just crank up a CD & rock out in the kitchen....after homework of course!

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Kork said...

I am SO proud that you got all you wanted to done yesterday.

NOW is the time that "a little every day" comes in handy...or so I hear.

I'm still training BB...SIGH

I'm excited to hear about your visit with Inkling and the rest...give her a hug from me!