September 8, 2008


Bitsy + Omnicef = Diarrea

Bitsy + Diarrea = Wicked Bad Diaper Rash.

Really, really, wicked bad. Nasty. Wouldn't wish on my worst enemy much less my darling baby daughter. Makes me want to cry right along with her every time I hear her poo. Need to start pumping her full of yogurt.

I have my arm back. Still stiff. Still sore. Not moving quickly by any means, but I am up and going again. I packed away the sling & haven't had Tylenol since bed time last night. I even made up with Lightning yesterday with a few cobs of sweet corn.

BabyGirl will start her antibiotic this afternoon & be back in school tomorrow barring any more fevers. I'm crossing my fingers.

Oh, and tomorrow we're getting something new & cute & Needlefingers will be excited....


Kork said...

give Bitsy hugs from me if you can get close to her.

needlefingers said...