September 9, 2008

New Ewes & Shoes

We have new girls around here. They're not sure what to make of us, but we're pretty fond of them. They're full blooded Corridale Ewes. They're going to be registered in BabyGirl's name so she can show them at 4-H next year. I'm not sure if she can show this summer or if we have to wait another year, but either way she needs time to work with her new girls. She wants to name them Mary & Janet. Her daddy's not thrilled with the names, but I think they're hers, she gets to name them. We'll see.

Bitsy started running a fever last night. Her bottom is looking better, but still pretty raw. BabyGirl's fever came back last night after she finished her school work (Oh, and I updated BabyGirl's World today).

Bitsy is now napping splayed across my lap & chest. She won't let me lay her down in her crib. I'm going to try to put her down on a blanket on the floor in a minute. I love holding her while she naps, but I'm not big on being sweat on.

She's napping in her new shoes. I picked them up for her last Thursday. For some reason, BabyGirl had no size 4 shoes. Bitsy jumped from a size 2 (which she was in FOREVER) to just under a size 4/just over a size 3 almost over night. The new shoes are a super cute pair of brown suede Mary Janes complete with flower appliques & contrasting pink stitches. So sweet. She doesn't want them taken off. I took them off when we got home today & changed her diaper. I left her jeans off, but she demanded the shoes be put back on! Now she's napping in a shirt, diaper, socks & shoes.


Grace said...

Bee went thru a stage where she had to have shoes on every second of the day! She still loves her shoes and has been known to show up places with two different shoes on because she couldn't decide which ones to wear!!

Kork said...

Oy! It must be in the girl genes...Tiny Princess is already starting with the shoe fetish...I took hers off after Church Saturday night, and she was mad at me! She's not even 8 months old, so what is that all about?

Welcome to the new girls, and we're praying for a short stint of the "ickies" at your house, and that your immune systems would be bolstered by all the yummy veggies that you put up for winter!

needlefingers said...

I call first dibs on wool!

P.S. Other breeds to consider, just for future reference, are cormo, Finn, Blue-faced Leicester, targhee . . . . .