September 22, 2008

Shear genius...sort of.


Mr.B, the husband of the third grade teacher at BabyGirl & #1 Son's school, came over & showed Husband how to shear the sheep this morning. He sheared the first one, Husband did the second, and Mr.B sheared the third. B.B., Bitsy & I watched from the safe side of the gate. I was amazed at how still those sheep sat while being man handled. It all has to do with getting control of their heads. Mr.B. hauled off the wool. I'd put up an after picture, but Blogger isn't cooperating.

Don't get upset, Needlefingers. He said lamb wool isn't good quality. They need to grow...and it wasn't very long. Mr.B. said they could have waited until spring but Husband wanted them sheared because they were filthy & it's time to breed. From here on out it will only have to be done in the spring.

They look a little funny laying out in the sun, naked & suddenly skinny! Husband & I herded them up yesterday so they'd be dry this morning. All I can say is, those buggers can JUMP!! And Kick!! I wouldn't want to be too close if they got spooked.

In good news, BabyGirl got a C on her reading test last week. Not great, but much better than the F she brought home the week before. She got all her multiple choice questions right, but missed both the "essay" questions. She didn't follow directions very well on them, but I could tell by the answers she had read them. I think that's a major improvement for her. I was very proud & we made a big deal about her doing so much better. Hopefully this will prove the incentive she needs to read more at home.

I'm taking B.B. to the dentist in the morning. Even when it isn't for me, I hate going. The smell of the office is enough to make me mildly sick at my stomach. He's so excited about going. I'm trying not to puke. Guess I'll take my MP3 player, a good book, and hope for the best. Oh, that reminds me, I have to fill out paper work for it. It never ceases to amaze me just how much information they need before they'll clean a 4 year old's teeth. Really, what does my shoe size, our yearly income, & my mother-in-law's maiden name have to do with B.B.'s teeth? OK, so I'm exaggerating....but it's still more paperwork than I want to tackle right now.

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needlefingers said...

We're pretty sure Mr. B is the son of Ramblin's previous coworkers, so I have complete faith he knows his wool. :)