September 20, 2008

Snips & Snails

Boys are odd creatures. I know. I have two of them.

Girls I get. Girls are prissy. Girls can get catty. Girls I can deal with...or so I thought. Then along came BabyGirl. Anyone who says girls are easier to raise than boys have never met my daughter.

But back to my boys. I had little experience with boys growing up. Yes, I have a little brother, but Bubba was never what you'd label a "normal boy." Bubba has ADHD & life with him was never what was expected. And I'm sure being surrounded by sisters had an effect on him.

#1 Son is sensitive (as I've said). Always has been. He was a cuddler from day one. He's kind hearted & gentle & easily troubled. He's not really what most people think of as a typical boy either. This also leaves me to wonder what he'd be like if he were the oldest instead of the second child.

Then came B.B. He is what Beulah (our neighbor lady when I was little) would call "All boy" just before she'd tell me I needed to straighten him out or he'd end up in Juvie someday. He can throw a punch like no body's business. He'll tackle anyone in his way. He'll leap from the back of the couch shouting, "There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!" Nothing scares him. Nothing slows him down.

Maybe that's why he was born in September. It's always bothered me that he was going to turn 6 a month into kindergarten. I was 5 when I started school & turned 6 at the end of the year. BabyGirl & #1 Son both turned 5 the summer before Kindergarten. Now I'm thinking he's going to need the extra time & maturity (and impulse control) before starting Kindergarten. I guess the Good Lord knew what He was doing after all.

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Mrs Pop said...

From the moment I learned that he was a boy, we were all thrilled that our son would be one of the older kids in his class as he has a late September birthday, too. I think most boys need that. And if yours is as active as mine, sports will be kinder to the older child in the class...