September 26, 2008

If you're bored:

Take on very happy, active little boy. Knock him flat on his back with a sudden fever, head ache, and sore throat. Call Busha to get the older kids from school in an hour. Toss him in the car & high tail it to the doctor's office before the weekend hits & the ER is your only option. 1/2 mile from the doctor's office have him say, "Mom, you'd better hurry," and promptly vomit all over himself. Throw him a paper bag & hope for the best, but don't stop the van because you're in the middle of school traffic & will just get rear ended. Park at the doctor's office. Strip him down in the van, clean him, the car seat, the floor, and the van seat with Handi-wipes, toss the car seat in the back & put his brother's seat in it's place, put a clean shirt on him (that just happens to be in the diaper bag), wrap a baby blanket around his waist (because you don't have pants for the poor kid), and take him & the baby into the doc's office. Leave the diaper bag in the car because you'll only be there for a few minutes & you don't feel like dragging everything with you. Sit in the waiting room with a shivering 4 year old & a toddler intent on stealing her brother's flip-flops for 15 minutes. Take both kids into the exam room, set the toddler on your lap only to have your pant leg get really warm & slightly damp. Leave the sick 4 year old with the nurse as you hold the toddler away from you, run to the van, grab the diaper bag, roll down the windows because in the 80 degree weather, Doritos puke is making your van stink, and head back to the exam room. Change toddler's entire outfit except socks because it's all wet. Grab the script from the NP and head to Wal-Mart. Drop off the scripts and find a cheap pair of pants for the pantless pre-schooler. Convince pantless boy that it's ok to put said pants on & wear them even though you haven't paid for them yet because you really shouldn't go naked in Wal-Mart. Wait 25 minutes for scripts to be filled only to find out they only had one of the two meds needed. Wait another 5 minutes for them to call around & find a pharmacy that carries it. Take crying 4 year old & very happy toddler back to the puky van & head to CVS. Run into CVS with both kids, get med, go to Busha's to get big kids. Argue with big kids about leaving because their sick brother wants to go home & sleep. Get home, empty out puky van. Bathe sick boy. Strip down car seats & wash them. Collapse in a heap on the floor.

Then you will have done what I've done this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry girl..I feel for you..I pray the night will be better.

Kork said...

So sorry that our little man is sick! Try to rest, and make use of the family that's around this weekend to help out.


Terri said...

you know I love your blog - even though I don't comment often. I'm doing the blog to blog project and calling you out. Come on over for a visit. Have a great day!