September 29, 2008

Showered & Blessed

Whoo hoo!! I'm home. I'm happy. I'm bushed.

Yesterday was so much fun. Well, most of yesterday was so much fun. The part where Bitsy peed out of her diaper & soaked my entire bed at 5 in the morning wasn't great. Driving 6 hours in one day wasn't wonderful either. But the rest rocked.

BabyGirl, Bitsy & I got to Grandma M&M's just after they got home from church. We had lunch with Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt D, and Inkling & then Grace, Bee, and Sula (Grace's mother) showed up & it was time to set up.

The shower/blessing was beautiful. Inkling received some lovely handmade gifts as well as a few thoughtfully purchased gifts. I for one left feeling refreshed in my task as a mother.

It was so good to see Inkling & her expanding waist line. She got to see Grasshopper move that morning during church. I hadn't seen Grace since Inkling's wedding. Aunt Anita, while sore & stiff, looked great.

One lesson learned. Do not drive past the house you grew up in to show your 7 year old daughter if you know that it has recently housed a meth lab. It will just make you sad. Especially when you drive right past the house & don't recognize it.

We left home at 8 in the morning & got home at 7:30. It was a long day, but well worth it. And I got to eat Custard Cup & Arby's in the same day. Whoo hoo!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to be the gang..I'm grateful you all had a good time, and I hope you got in plenty of hugs and took lots of pictures!!

Kork said...

I am so glad you got see almost everyone! What a great time it sounds like you had!

I am anxious to hear Inkling's take on it!