September 4, 2008

Continue to beware.

We're back from our adventures in town. #1 Son has strep. Our NP, being the saint she is (I LOVE this woman), decided to check out Bitsy, B.B., and me since we were already there. B.B. & Bitsy are coming down with strep & I have a sinus infection & am very susceptible to anything else floating around our house. So, we left with 4 prescriptions & instructions to call in if BabyGirl develops symptoms.

Then I took B.B. & Bitsy to WIC (Husband picked up #1 Son & took him home), then to the grocery, then home. Now I'm planning on staying in for the next three days or so. I hope BabyGirl stays well so she can go to school tomorrow....

HT was supposed to come spend a few days with us next week while Aunt Anita had her surgery (so QM & Daddy could be there), but with the illness lingering around here, I don't think that's going to happen. Ugh.

And now I think the taco salad I had for lunch isn't liking me too much.


Kork said...

That's it! I'm sending you masks for Oktoberfest. Along with a pair of rubber gloves and a dozen gallons of bleach.

Put on the gloves, and the mask, bleach every thing that stands still, and then I want you to start pumping your children full of Flinstones vitamins. can you get strep in September? Have you asked the NP about preventative measures? other than removing tonsils I know, can you give them multi-vitamins? Wash them with bleach? NOT use anti-bacterial? Let them live with the cows and dogs? OY!

Vic said...

LOL at Kork above. My kids just got over strep, since we live a whopping 5 miles maybe from each other it must be going around. Youngest got it last Tuesday, oldest daughter got it last Thursday. None of the rest of us got it.

Kork said...

Hmmmm...yet another reason to stay where I live, and not move to the Midwest! ;)

OK...I know, and I remember sharing strep, colds, and as we got older and more immune to the "mild" germs, bronchitis, and sinus infections...

Nothing like the love of your siblings to get you all miserable, snot-nosed, and sick!

Hang in there Farmie...and I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup, and a nap.