September 4, 2008

FarmFamily Be warned.

I am ill. A head cold descended on me Tuesday. Last night it traveled into my upper chest resulting in a dry, hacking cough. I'm not sleeping well. I feel like dirt.

Add to that #1 Son falling asleep on the bus on the way home yesterday. He was acting odd, so I took his temp. 102.5. Yippee. He also has a sore throat. He sees the NP at 9 this morning. Due to his illness, he napped most of yesterday afternoon. That was a mistake.

And to that, B.B. has a WIC appointment at 10 this morning.

And to that, #1 Son woke us up 4 times during the night because he was scared to go to the bathroom on his own. B.B. woke up once because he couldn't find "Blue Dog." They came in together once around 3 am.

Bitsy woke up shortly after that & decided she needed to toddle around the living room. So I watched 40 minutes of Grosse Point Blank at 4 in the morning.

#1 Son woke up at 10 till 6 & had peed on his clothes trying to go to the bathroom. Husband had to get up & clean him up since Bitsy was eating (again).

The boys woke us up at least 3 more times between 6 & 6:45.

And the times I was roused from my slumber in the night, my mind refused to quiet so I could sleep. Instead it raced through baby shower plans, over a conversation I had with QM late last night, and to the Lord asking for peace & comfort for Inkling's family (her Uncle B passed away last night).

The results of all this:

One massively tired & cranky mom. Not a good way to start the day.

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Anonymous said...

(((((germ free hugs))))))
sending up prayers for ya'll