September 12, 2008

Clearly, I have issues

I'm rather upset about this. Mainly because I adore this and I fear they have soiled the good name of Claire Boothe Luce. So, what to do? Do I watch the remake & hope it's good, or do I avoid it all together in fear of it not living up to the original? I mean, I like Meg Ryan and all, but Norma Shearer she is not.

There's a scene in the original (fabulous) version of the movie where Mary Haines' (Norma Shearer) mother is giving her marital advice. Mary has just found out her husband is having an affair with a perfume counter girl at a department store (the magnificent Joan Crawford). Her mother tells her to let it go. Pretend she knows nothing. "It's one of the few sacrifices spoiled women like us have to make." She tells her daughter that when women start feeling older they re-decorate the house. Men don't have sense enough to re-do their offices so instead they want to "see them selves in the eyes of a younger woman." The advice seems very dated now and I don't see how the tone of the movie will translate with out becoming incredibly bitchy & raunchy.

BUT, I think I will still watch it & see if I still feel the same. Maybe I can get Daddy & Husband to babysit tonight & QM & I can go watch it in town.....Yeah, and pigs may fly.

In other news, B.B. woke up at 6 this morning wanting birthday cake & his presents. I'm going to have a tough time getting him to wait until his dad wakes up! Maybe I can appease him with French Toast.

Bitsy has stopped sleeping in her crib. This is not good. She's nearly stopped sleeping all together. Co-sleeping has always worked well for me. I nurse my babies in bed & we all go right back to sleep. But Bitsy wants to sleep on your arm (which quickly falls asleep) and doesn't seem to be sleeping deeply. She cries in her sleep a lot (not night terrors or anything like that...just half waking up). When she naps now she wants to do it on the floor in the living room. This does not work well for me! I'm wearing thin from lack of sleep.

Oh, good news, someone is supposed to come look at Bob this morning! I hope they take him!! I really don't want him still running around while I'm trying to get rid of Aurora's pups.


Anonymous said...

BB have a happy birthday party!!! Bugaboo is having her's today too!!

Kork said...

OH! Happy birthday to the babies!

And Farmie - I'm praying for you with Bitsy...I know how hard it is, and hope that something will work out for you...other than drugging her, or knocking her out with a thwack to the head...

Mrs Pop said...

OMG! I loved the original The Women and I was shocked and surprised that they remade it. I mean, there won't be the Reno sequence, I'm sure, and it was pivotal, in my opinion.

I'm intrigued by the new one, though.

Hang in there with the no sleeping thing. That is a killer!