September 12, 2008

Bad news, good news, B.B.'s news

First off, I have very bad news. I called Busha this morning & Penny passed away early this morning. They buried her in the flower bed next to her Great-Aunt Mitzi. Busha was a wreck. They were getting ready to bury her when I called. When we got home from town there was a message on the machine from Busha. She called the breeder & the breeder said she had another little girl she'd kept back for them just in case after she found out Penny wasn't well. Busha said they'd pick her up next week. To save confusion, the plan is to call this one Penny as well.

But to follow bad news, I have good news. I talked to Aunt Anita/Silverbelle last night. She was a tad on the raspy side (they're not sure if that's a permanent thing or not), but feeling pretty good. A bit sore, icky with the drains still in place, but doing good. She may get to come home today...or that was the rumor last night. We shall see.

QM, Daddy, and HT will be here tomorrow. They're heading back to TN on Sunday.

I'm feeling slightly more human today. I did get my dishes done yesterday afternoon (there were more at bed time, but not a lot). Vacuumed the house. Picked up some of the clutter. And last (but not least) cut out fabric for goodies for Grasshopper.

We shopped for birthday presents for both our nephews & for B.B. today. B.B. was with us, so we had to be sneaky about getting his gifts into the cart. He decided he needed a big Incredible Hulk action figure. It's his main gift & Husband stashed it under the cart so he couldn't see. B.B. spent the next 45 minutes of the shopping trip trying to convince us to go back for the toy. We kept telling him he had to wait for his birthday (Tuesday). He wouldn't stop talking about it!

I had decided we'd have his birthday in the morning since Saturday is the only time we're all home together all day (and we usually do birthdays first thing in the morning). "But it will take a very long time for it to be night time!!" was B.B.'s response. I told him to stand on his head to see if it got here quicker that way. "But we can only stand on our head if we do a cartwheel!" He has an answer for everything.

Snippets from B.B. today: "Mommy, do you a'memeber the day when you falled off Lightning'?" "Mommy, do you a'memeber when we had a sleep over at Grammy & Pa's?"
"Mommy, do you a'memeber when we went to Uncle E's & picked apples off da tree?"
Can you guess what his favorite phrase is right now?

When he asked about the day I fell off the horse I said, "Yes, I remember that. Was that a good day?"
"YES!! I got a ride Lightinin' dat day!! Did you like that day, Mommy?!"
Not so much.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Penny#1 but glad the breeder is being honorable.

BB and Bugaboo share the same birthday?

I'm so glad Aunt Anita is feeling better. I was so grateful to see her post this morning.