August 1, 2008

Random thoughts for the day

Never thought I'd be thankful for a heart attack. But now I'm wondering if the doctor would have caught Aunt Silverbelle's cancer if it hadn't been for the tests following her heart attack. Would it have gone unchecked until too late to treat?

If you read Inkling's blog she has a wonderful post up today that sums up pretty well how I'm feeling too.

As a total distraction from what's taking place around me I shall now return to my normal mindless blogging.

This summer I decided the three oldest FarmHands are old enough to play outside by themselves. We live in the boonies. We have no close neighbors. Our house sits well back from the road. They have strict instructions to stay in certain parts of the yard. It has been a huge help to be able to shoo them outside this summer. I check up on them every 15 minutes or so. They run in & out of the house all afternoon.

Yesterday I heard a blood curdling scream coming from the side yard. I leaped over the baby gate & tore through the house at a break neck speed (for me). #1 Son was screaming & sobbing & trying to get in the back door. When I got him to calm down enough to talk he told me he'd been stung. Because we have wasps in profusion around here, I'm pretty sure that's what got him. Ice, a shower, and 30 minutes of Spongebob & he was all better.

Every time I leave B.B. alone with his siblings, he ends up wearing a dress. Today he's lounging around the house in a cute red, white, and black plaid dress from Art's Syd. The black velvet ribbons across the bodice really show off his figure. I worry about that boy.

Bitsy has decided #1 Son should pack her around the house all day long. Every time he walks by she reaches for him. When he bends down to hug her, she wraps her arms around his neck & her chubby little legs around his waist. Big brother is loving it! Big Sister is pea green with envy.

The lady working the drive-thru at McDonald's this morning was wonderfully cheery. It's nice to be told, "Here's your food. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!"and think the person who said it truly means it.

Today was school registration. Two kids in school all day long this year. Next year B.B. will go half a day. In 4 more years I'll be all alone all day long. What ever shall I do?

I need to start baking cookies for VBS. First I need to clean my kitchen up again. Before that I think I'll take a nap....yeah, right.

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