August 26, 2008

Quickly & pulling off a band-aid

Bullet pointed for added emphasis.

  • BabyGirl has a boyfriend. Or did Friday. I haven't asked today. His name is Logan. He's cute. If they're still together when they're grown up, they're getting married. It's already been discussed. They are "in love" with each other "just a little bit."
  • #1 Son does not have a girlfriend. There's a little girl in his class who is "in love" with him. Her name is Hannah. She asks him if he'll be her boyfriend, but he says no because he doesn't love her that much.
  • One more pup is gone. Two girls gone. Three boys left.
  • Pear sauce is good. Think apple sauce made with pears.
  • If you're looking for a good book to read with your kids, try The Tale of Desperaux. It's so cute & my kids are hooked. They weren't enjoying Treasure Island as much as I'd hoped so we've put it on hold.
  • I really shouldn't pry into my daughter's love life. (See conversation below*.)
  • Busha & Bucka aren't getting their puppies for another week or two. Pete & Penny still need to be with their mama for a bit. We're all getting anxious.
  • I could really get used to the breeze wafting through my open windows & the cicadas chirping in the trees.
  • If you're looking for a read for yourself, try out Sin in the Second City. It's about the infamous Everleigh sisters & their house of ill repute in Chicago pre-WWI. I've nearly finished it in the past 3 days. Being off line most of the day is pushing me to read....and I'm enjoying it again.
  • Bitsy is napping on the floor in front of the baby gate. This does not bode well for bed time tonight.

*Conversation with BabyGirl about 10 minutes ago:

Me-Are you & Logan still "going out?" (Really, where to two seven year olds go?!)
BabyGirl- Yes (grinning shyly).
Me- OK. What do you do?
BG- Well, we go out to a tree.
Me- And......?
BG- Um.....we kiss.
Me- Uh, what?
BG- We kiss a little.
Me- (trying to not pass out) You kiss? Are you supposed to kiss at school? (Last year #1 Son told me there was a no kissing rule at school.)
BG- Not really.
Me- Yeah, I think you probably shouldn't do that anymore. (loaded pause) How do you kiss?
BG-On the lips. But we're gonna' stop.
Me- I think that would be a good idea. I don't think you're allowed to kiss at school.
BG- Why not?
Me-Why shouldn't you kiss or why isn't it allowed at school?
BG-Why isn't it allowed at school?
Me-Probably because you're too young for kissing. Kissing boyfriends & girlfriends is for grown-ups.
BG- (yet another loaded pause) Why don't you ever kiss?
Me- I do kiss. I kiss your daddy.
BG- Not a lot. Why don't you kiss him a lot?
Me- Because I have 4 kids & they take up most of my kissing time. I used to kiss him a lot....before you all came along!
BG- (giggles) Moooooooom! (in that sing-song little girls are famous for)

I am so not ready for this.


Queen Mother said...

Grandchildren are not allowed to kiss boyfriends and girlfriends until Grammy and Pa say so.
Pa gives in to easy you better just make that Grammy.

anonymous jones said...

Tell her all the awful diseases she could get.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't he still have boy cooties?

Kork said...

What!?!?!? I thought boys were icky and should have rocks thrown at them stuck at least until 4th grade...

Maybe you should look into a convent school now!