August 15, 2008

Questions yet unanswered:

  • Why is it babies always discover their noses & can point to them on cue only during the snottiest part of a cold? And why must they always stick their finger inside a nostril to show you where their nose is?
  • Why couldn't I sleep the night before the first day of school? I wasn't going to kindergarten.
  • Why did watching the episode of Sex in the City where Charlotte finds out she can't have a baby make me climb into bed with my oldest child & hold her & weep as she slept peacefully?
  • Why do I keep checking out the window for the bus when it doesn't come until 4 o'clock and it's currently 2:38?
  • Why are baby bellies so durn cute?
  • When will my skin discover I'm 32 years old & not 16?
  • How long before it's dark enough for me to use my new book light?
  • Why can't my internet connection be super fast so Lakini's Juice by Live would quit cutting out while I listen to XM radio on line?
  • Why does my husband keep watching the Olympics? He doesn't watch gymnastics, ping pong or beach volleyball anyother time.

Just a few questions I'm pondering at the moment.

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It's Just Robin said...

If you come up with the answers to these ?'s, let me know, 'cause this 51 year old is STILL pondering them herself!