August 15, 2008

I'm really not that odd.

Sarah from The Mom Chronicles has a list of lists for today. She asked if anyone was as nutty as she is....Hmmmm. Possibly.

Oh So Exciting Things To-Do This Weekend:
  1. Visit with Little BIL who's home to visit Husband for his B-day.
  2. Dishes. Yeah me.
  3. Wash BabyGirl's new underpants & pray she'll wear them come Monday.
  4. Bake cookies so I don't eat everything in the house that resembles a sweet.

Random Things I Buy in Bulk:

  1. Toilet paper. 5 out of the 6 of us are potty trained.
  2. Diapers. One isn't.
  3. Dog food. If you had 3 full grown Great Danes & 5 puppies you would too.
  4. Go-Gurt. Really. I wish they came in giant boxes like Pop-Ice.

Strangest Things In My Purse:

  1. Diapers.
  2. Band-aids.
  3. A Ziploc bag with an outfit for Bitsy in it.
  4. Orbit Positively Pomegranate gum. Yummy!! (OK, OK, so my purse doubles as a diaper bag. And even at that, it's not too strange. But then I just cleaned it out yesterday.)

Strangest Things In My Car:

  1. A roll of paper towels.
  2. A bag of Gymboree baby blankets incase the kids get cold/to cover car seats to keep them cool in the sun.
  3. Lots of dead horseflies. Gross, I know, but they're hard to get out of the front window.
  4. Plastic tent stakes. Technically they're for a picnic blanket.

How 'bout you?


Sarah said...

Actually the blankets to cover the seats when it's hot is a VERY good idea.

Off to go put blankets in my van!

Queen Mother said...

this is the lady whos cd I gave you last spring