March 6, 2008

To grandmother's house we go

We went to Bucka & Busha's tonight (I was hiding from my father since he's going to pop my mouth for cussing in open letter). After an hour or so, the kids dug out Busha's collection of Little People. QM has stocked her up well. She has the Nativity set, shepherds in the fields, and Little Drummer Boy, along with the First Thanksgiving set & the Mayflower ship. Eventually Baby Jesus took a trip on the Mayflower with "pirates" while the "Angel Gabe" zoomed around the room singing about his dead sister. Baby Jesus set off to kill bad guys while Priscilla & Miles Standish had the wise men over for Thanksgiving dinner. Camels, donkeys, and sheep milled around in the shadow of the Mayflower & ate a giant pumpkin. It was all very fascinating.

Busha made us pizza & apple pie for dinner. When she called the pizza "pizza pie," B.B.'s curiosity was piqued. He stood watch at the oven waiting to eat his pee-za-pie, alternately stating "I don't like pee-za-pie," and "Busha, I wanna' eat dat pee-za-pie now. When can I eat my pee-za-pie?" He took one bite of the pizza, spit it out, and told Busha, "I don't like pee-za-pie wif ropes in it." Cheese is 'ropes', I think.

After we got in the van to leave, the kids discovered they hadn't eaten any pie, so I had to go back in & get some for them (Busha had offered to send it with us to begin with, but I thought they'd forgotten it). As I was getting back in the van I heard them all shouting, "Hurry up, Mom! The coyotes are coming! Get in the van!!" I assured them coyotes would not attack the van & there was nothing to worry about. "Mom, they are coming. We saw them," B.B. says. I told them Coyotes are afraid of vans & won't come near them. B.B. responds, "We tan step on spiders." Um...yeah, but what does that have to do with coyotes? "I stepped on a spider once. I stepped on a crab once. It pinched my toe." I told him he was full of buttermilk (Bucka's favorite phrase). "Yeah, I am 'cause I ate butter! I ate applebutter, so I am full of applebutter milk!"

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anonymous jones said...

That's funny how you were hiding from your father! How many kids do you have?!