February 12, 2008

Randomness in pictures & post

For Emily who says baby bellies are cute. She's right. You just can't help but kiss them!

Snow Day!! Or rather, thin but slick crusting of ice day...one way or the other, I have 4 kids home with me today & Husband had to leave for work 30 minutes early to get there in time. Heaven forbid C**** think of the safety of their employees before they worry about their profits. I need chocolate...the good kind.

Good news at BabyGirl's world. You can read for yourself. And the picture of my toes is from the night before we went to the hospital to have Bitsy. I once read that the least you could do for your OB was take care of your feet since they were the second part of the body he had to see the most. Those were the only tan lines I managed to get this summer. My belly kept the rest of my legs out of the sun. It had an SPF of around 1,300.

Last night I was fighting to keep B.B. in bed. He'd gotten out of bed for the third time when I caught him in the hall way. I was not happy. I swooped in to catch him when he hollered at me. Normally he would have yelled, "I need a dwink!" or "I hava go to da potty!" or "Dere's coyotes in my room!" and waited for me to reassure him, or take him to the bathroom, or get him a drink. Instead he yelled, "Fire twucks & fire guys!" and shot back to his bed. Hmm....

Oh, I hope we aren't snowed in on Valentimes day (yes, I know how I spelled that. I love Junie B. Jones). Not that I'll get a Valentine...will you be my Valentine? Please? But BabyGirl has missed every party they've had at school thus far. Hallowene, Christmas, 100 day...she was probably sick on Yom Kippur too.

Speaking of which: at work last week Husband's co-worker said he was giving up caffeine for Lent. To which my husband replied, "I didn't know you were Jewish." Seriously, Ya'll.

The kids are watching the first season of Fraggle Rock. Something is seriously wrong with my husband (news flash, right?). He doesn't like the Muppets. I worry about him. He may be a communist. Do you know he'd never seen Star Wars until we were dating? The deprivation. Sad really. (The old hay rake & plow that set in front of my house. I'm ready to see green again.)

I have a quick observation to make about the Olsen Twins. They are worth what, a billion dollars? Can they not dip into their trust funds to buy a hair brush & some eye make-up remover? They're looking a tad homeless lately. It worries me. But then, at least they wear panties...I think.

I'm considering an inverted bob. I'm tired of the current thing & have the desire to move on before I end up shaving it all off. That's never a good thing. What do you think? A little less Posh Spice & a little more middle America.

Husband bought the kids a trampoline a few weeks ago. You know, one of those little ones you're supposed to jog on. Yesterday #1 Son was jumping like his life depended on it when I heard B.B. scream, "Help, Mommy!! Help me!" I couldn't find him anywhere. #1 Son kept jumping and started laughing. B.B. kept screaming. That's when I realized....he was under the trampoline. Oy.


a wandering heart said...

My lots of thoughts today!

Go for the haircut. :)

Ok, the thought "you might be Baptist, Christian Church, Church of Christ, etc..." came to mind when I read your DH's quote. Too funny.

a wandering heart said...

Oh, and Baby Bear thinks her mommy's aby belly is cute too. She randomly pulls up my shirt to kiss her baby "brothersister". (As far as we know it's just one. That's just how she says it.)