December 31, 2007

Ahhh, Motherhood

B.B. is on the BRAT diet. Appropriate, no? That is Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, & Toast. The fiber bulk-up should help with his diarrhea. We're also shoveling Yo-plus yogurt down his gullet. It's a result of the antibiotics from his strep. He also has an ear infection, but with no symptoms, so we're not treating. The antibiotics for it would just make matters worse. I'm supposed to take him back in on Friday complete with stool sample...any volunteers to collect that for me? Inkling, how 'bout it?

Actually, I have a bit of advice for you new mothers and those who will someday be mothers. If your child ever has a bloody stool, keep it. I know, I know. This ranks high on the "Eww Gwoss" scale, but it could be of great help. B.B. had an accident in his underpants this morning. It was the second time I'd seen blood, so I stuck it in a zip-lock bag & tossed it in the diaper bag when we left for the doctor. The NP was thrilled in a "this is really gross, but it really helps clear things up" kind of way. I didn't have to worry about my description being perfectly clear, I just handed the baggy over. She could also test to be sure it was blood & not dye from something he'd eaten (which I guess is a common thing especially with antibiotics).

I told the NP we were really just trying to sneak in one more visit with her before the year was over. I'm beginning to worry they'll think I have Munchausen's By Proxy.


SJ said...

I'm sorry to hear that news. I will put your son in my prayers, and I hope that he get better.

Anonymous said...

sending prayers up..Glad you saved the remnants.

a wandering heart said...

Now that was a picture this prego tummy did not want to think about. Thankfully I have a glass of water nearby to help reduce the gag reflex.

Margot said...

A quick word to wish you a wonderful New Year.
May 2008 be a loving and tender year, with a little less sickness for the kids, and maybe a little more time for you? ;-)
Happy 2008, Farm Wife!

Nan said...

Happy New Year, Farmie! You're an inspiration. Hang in there.