December 15, 2007

What do Burt Reynolds & my 5 month old daughter have in common?

This pose. I will not post the photo on my blog, because it's revolting (most everything about that man makes me shudder), but if you'd like, you can go see it. For those of you who choose not to click, it's his Cosmo layout from 1972. Ick.

At any rate, Bitsy is trying hard to crawl & sit up. In her efforts she keeps striking a particular pose. It wasn't until last night at Bucka's house that I realized where I'd seen the pose before. Every time she does it, QM & I bust up laughing.

Bucka was thrilled to see his great-grandbabies last night. He showed them his stitches & told them what the doctors did. He didn't want them fearing the unknown. After seeing his chest, B.B. didn't want to hug Bucka. "It will hurt him, Mom!" I finally convinced him that if he did it gently, Bucka wouldn't be hurt at all. After that, he was more than happy to love on his grandpa (who was more than happy to be loved on).

Today we're slushed in. There's about 1 1/2 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Then the rain hit. Now it's just icky. So Husband broke out CandyLand & is playing with the kids in the kitchen. I need to start sewing so I can get my last minute Christmas projects done this week.

Keep warm!


Nan said...

I still remember when Burt did that, and everyone was going out to buy Cosmo to see what all the fuss was about. How in the world did you see it? It was such a long time ago?

FarmWife said...

They re-ran the picture in an anniversary edition (or something like that) a few years back. I was still working at the time & one of the girls I worked with always brought in the latest edition of Cosmo. Otherwise, it's actually a few years before my time.

conleyclan said...

that picture sends chills up and down my spine! how can any man that hairy be sexy????