December 29, 2007

Things are looking up...again.

Good news: Bitsy does not have Strep throat. Bad news: Bitsy has an ear infection. This is her second so far. I got a tad worried considering BabyGirl & #1 Son's histories, but the NP thought she was doing pretty good. Her last ear infection was in August, so I guess that's acceptable. I'd be happier if there were no infections...but what can you do?

I'm feeling leaps & bounds better, so that is yet another plus. Daddy & I took the microwave back last night & the new one is behaving much better. I'm relived. I did not want to have to take my small appliances down a notch. I'm trying to be a better, happier employer.

QM & Daddy came in yesterday afternoon bearing gifts from Aunt Silverbelle & Uncle Greenteeth. Can I just say, Aunt Silverbelle can pick out the cutest things ever?! She sent Bitsy a plush barn with a flip open roof. Inside are a rooster, pig, cow, and duck that make the appropriate noises. She also sent her Busy Lil' Honeybee. Isn't she adorable? Aunt Silverbelle, do you know that I call Bitsy "Bitsy Bee"? She loves her new baby! The older kids got Color Wonder stuff & puzzles. BabyGirl's puzzle makes a ball covered in Disney Princesses & the boys are Cranium games. They are all thrilled!
Daddy went with me to take Bitsy to the doctor while QM stayed here with the big kids to Color Wonder & build puzzle balls. When the NP checked Bitsy ears, She said, "Here, I want to show Dad this ear." It took me a second but I realized she thought Daddy was Bitsy's Daddy. I said, "No, that's Pa. He's my daddy." NP looked at him, then at me and said, "You're kidding. Honey, you've got good genes! You'll never look old! Heck, she only looks like she's 20 now." It's not the first time we've had people think that. If they look closer, it's kind of hard to miss how much I look like my dad, but then QM has been mistaken for his sister on more than one occasion. Odd?

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