December 29, 2007

Playing with B.B.

B.B.- Here, you be Sally. I be Lightnin' McQueen.
Me (as Sally)- Hi Lightnin'! I'm Sally. Do you wanna' go for a drive?
B.B.- No, Mom. There's no talking in dis dame (game). Dere's ice everywhere and no talking.
Me- Oh. OK. (I scoot the car around on the floor making car noises)
B.B.- No, Mom. Dere is no vroomin' in dis game. Dere's ice everywhere so we tan't vroom. We just have to sit still.
Me- Oh. OK.
B.B.- And scoot back, you're too close to da cars. You have to be away from dem.
Me- Oh. OK. (I'm a tad redundant. Sorry. But I scooted back.)
B.B.- Dat's better. Oh, and da big bad wolf is under #1 Son's bed, so we better get away from it. (He moves to set leaned up against me & just stares at the cars lined up on the floor.) Yeah. Dis is da game, Mom.

This was all very odd to me as he's always asking me to set & play with him. I finally got a chance to (he usually asks when I'm pacing the floor with a screaming baby or have pots boiling over on the stove). He definitely does not have a lack of imagination, so I'm not sure why the cars were trapped in ice & unable to move.

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Anonymous said...

cause it's really really cold mommy..