December 28, 2007

Now really, is this necessary?

Bitsy's not only shared her runny nose with me, but she's also developed a fever. Did I do something horrible in a past life? Is this some kind of karmic payback for being an evil dictator in a third world nation 2 lives ago? Did the powers that be say, "Hey, we'll just make all her kids sick the entire winter. Yeah, that's a brilliant idea & she so deserves it. And while we're at it, lets make her feel like she's been run over by a Mac truck...oh, and withhold sleep...and kill her microwave too! We are so creative!" To which I reply, "Why didn't you just make me an ant & let a 9 year old with a magnifying glass fry my thorax off?" Do you know why? Because that would be to quick...not painful enough. Was I Elizabeth Bathory?

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